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    Order your Card

    Log in with your 5-digit PIN and order the card with your company's logo for delivery to you.

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    Activate your Card

    Once you receive your card by post, activate it on using your same 5-digit PIN.

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    Spend your Card

    Spend your card instore, or online by setting up 3D Secure in your account

Step By Step Instructions

This ordering portal is only used by employees who have been awarded an Allgo Mastercard Gift Card by their company for individual delivery (rather than in bulk to the company). If this is the case, you will be emailed a 5-digit PIN to login here. The 5-digit PIN will be emailed to you either by Allgo or by your company.

To order your card-
1: Log in to this website using your email and 5-digit PIN.
2: Select the Allgo Mastercard containing your company's name and logo and click "Order Now"
3: Enter your delivery address (with eircode!) and complete your order.
4. You will receive a confirmation email, and your gift card will be dispatched by post.
5. When you receive you card, you will need to activate it by registering on and unlocking your card using your 5-digit PIN as the Activation Code.

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How do I log into the Allgo Mastercard Order Portal?
Use your work email and the 5-digit PIN that was sent you to by either Allgo or your company. Click “Login” above and enter these login details, to access the ordering portal.
How do I order my card?
When you log in, you will see a selection of Allgo Mastercard Gift Cards, each with a company logo beside it. Click on the one with your company logo and proceed to checkout to enter your delivery address and complete your order. You will receive a confirmation email once you have successfully placed you order.
Do I need to give my eircode when placing my order?
Yes! Providing your eircode will help ensure the accurate and timely delivery of your card. If you don't already know your eircode, you can look up your eircode here .
How long will my gift card take to arrive?
Once you place your order, we will prepare your card for dispatch by normal post. Standard orders are dispatched in 4 working days. Express orders are dispatched in 24 hours. Your company decides whether their cards are to be processed as Standard or Express orders.
What do I do if my card does not arrive?
If your card has not arrived after 14 days (i.e. two weeks after placing your order), then you should contact Allgo Customer Service (+353 1 563 4444 / We will check your address with you and send a replacement card. If the original delivery address used to order the card is correct, we will send out the replacement card for free. If the delivery address was not correct, or did not contain an eircode, then a reduced rate €10 replacement card fee will be issued to your company.
How do I activate my card?
For security reasons, your card will be sent to you inactive. To activate your Allgo Mastercard Gift Card -
1. Go to and click Login / Register
2. Sign-up for an Allgo Mastercard Account (or login if you already have an account). To sign-up, enter your name, your personal email, date of birth, and create a password. A verification email will be sent to your email address. This does not need to be the same email address as the one used to log in here to order your card.
3. In your account, click the Register New Card button.
4. Activate your card by entering the card details plus your 5-digit PIN Activation Code. The 5-digit PIN is the same one you use to log in here to order your card.
Is there a cut-off date for ordering my card?
Yes! 3 months after an order first goes live, any unclaimed cards from the order are automatically dispatched to your company and are no longer available for ordering here.
How can I find out more about using my card?
Learn all you need to know about the Allgo Mastercard Gift Card on our dedicated cardholder website There is a comprehensive FAQ section, and you can also download the Allgo Mastercard User Guide.